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Katon-Karagay nature national park. Excursion on Kazakhstan Altay.

Natural national parks of Kazakhstan. Walks and hiking on natural national parks of Kazakhstan.

Astana - northern capital Kazakhstan. Monuments of architecture and history of Astana.

Western Kazakhstan. Excursions to archeologic and historical monuments.

Almaty city. Architectural monuments of Almaty and neighboring sights.

Province centers Kazakhstan. Excursions on historical and architectural places of interest.

Zhambyl of province cave painting. An epoch of bronze of Southern Kazakhstan.

Rafting on the rivers of Kazakhstan. Adventures on the rivers of Kazakhstan.

Tulips in Kazakhstan. Excursions behind tulips. Wild tulips of Kazakhstan.

Mangistau province. Excursion individual tours over places of interest of Mangyshlak.

Karaganda region. Tours and excursion trips in nature of Central Kazakhstan.

Borovoe park - walks and excursions on natural national park.

Semipalatinsk nuclear range. Trips, excursions and travel on nuclear test site.

Akmola of province. Excursions on architectural and natural sights.

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