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S.Aini and M.Gorkiy.

Cultural places of interest in Dushanbe.

S.Aini monument and M. Gorkiy in Dushanbe is established near the House of the Union of writers of Tajikistan in the street by I.Samani. A monument S.Aini to known Soviet writers and M. Gorkiy.
Sadriddin Aini and Maxim Gorkiy - classics of the Russian and Tadjik literature of the Soviet period, lived during one time, and repeatedly met during various literary actions. It is known also about influence of creativity Aini on Maxim Gorkiy some products about what specify conclusions of historians of the literature.
The monument represents the sculptural composition representing of two writers which sit next with each other on armchairs and slowly talking. On a back background the small fragment of a fencing is represented, gives completeness to this sculptural group.
Level with a decorative panel which show a galaxy of east writers led by Omar Khayyam, a monument «Sadriddin Aini and Maxim Gorkiy» decorates the territory adjoining to the House of writers.

Street Putovskiy - shop "1000 trifles", a sculpture "M. Gorkiy and Sadriddin Aini".

The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.