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Monument of the Victory.

Tourism in Dushanbe.

In honour of day of the Victory, the monument is established on the area of the Victory. A monument of the Victory (in honour of the Victory of Soviet Union over Great Domestic war 1941 - 1945) has been built in 1968.
Authors - the sculptor Cherednichenko and the architect Solominov. The monument of the Victory over city Dushanbe is in the center of the area located on crossing of five city highways - prospectuses Shyrazе and Academicians Radjabov and streets of Academician Nazarshoeva, Aini and Shevchenko.
The construction of a monument has been completed in 1968. The monument represents a composition which consists of two memorable stel and tank IS-2 located before them put on a pedestal.
Two parallel stela reveted by a red granite and in the bottom part are decorated by bas-reliefs on which events of Great Domestic war are represented. A monument of the Victory - the constant participant of actions on the occasion of an anniversary of the Great Victory.
At its bottom the wreaths brought both the simple townspeople, and official delegations often are combined. On distance of several quarters from a monument and the areas are such local places of interest, as opera theatre it. Aini, area Rudakhi and a city hippodrome.

 The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.