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Omar Khayyam a monument.

Excursion tours over sculptural monuments of Dushanbe.

The monument to Omar Khayyam is in city Dushanbe in the central street of city, the prospectus of name Rudakhi. He is located before a building of hotel "Avesto". The author of work became the Ukrainian sculptor Anatoly Galjan who also has created monument Avisenna in Dushanbe, for what has been awarded the state premium of Tajikistan.
The Monument represents a four-meter bronze sculpture of the poet sitting among boulders. In the left hand he holds the clay tablet to put on it the text of one of the products. Finishes an image a majestic figure of an eagle which it is proud sits on shoulder Khaiyyam.
 Omar Khaiyyam is known not only the well-known quatrians «rubai», but also a lot of products in the most various spheres of a science and arts. He was considered as the contemporaries greatest of the wisest.

The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.