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Grave site of Tyrzhan kazhy.

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“Well, if you did anyone a favor,
Don’t remember her to your enemy or friend”

Firdousi Abulkasim.

Ancient fortresses in Kazakhstan.

Location: Akmola region Zerenda district, Baiterek village. Story-legend: Zerenda means “saiga” because “grains” is the Mongolian word for “saiga”. One of the most beautiful places of the majestic Kokshetau region is Zerenda.
This blessed area from above, as if edged and decorated with an artful jeweler. Zerandinsky hill, towering over other hills and peaks, huge rocks, the peaks of which stretch towards the sky, make a special, indelible impression on those who have been here.
The history of Zerenda region, since ancient times inhabited by people, is very rich. The noble land with its blue lakes and transparent springs, pine forests and birch groves, hollows fringed with poplars and willow, feather grass plains is famous for its valiant ancestors batyrs, bravely defended their beautiful land from enemies.
In the sacred and fertile land of the Arch there were many individuals who enjoyed the love and respect of the people. One of them is considered to be a native of the kyldy family Taragay Tirzhankazhy Baygozhauly.
He was born in 1855 in a place near the fertile spring Tasbulak (later it will be called the aul of Tirzhan), not far from the village of Zerenda. At birth, the baby was named Amr, but was later called Tirzhan. Born to seven months, he “ripened” in the cap of his grandfather until the age of forty days according to the customs of that time and was wrapped in traditional Besik later.
When friends asked about the state of a sickly, sickly child, the grandmother and mother answered: “Yes, the soul is still alive (tіrіzhan), maybe it will survive...”. Thus, the expression tіrіzhan becomes his nameTirzhan.
And he actually turned out to be a living soul: from childhood he was quick and very intelligent, he began to delve into the affairs of adults early and soon becomes famous. The locality at the foot of Karagash old-timers called the "seven foci." 
Tirzhan was characterized by stubbornness, and hard work, and, most importantly, the most genuine philanthropy, which allowed him to come into close contact with all kinds of people. Tirzhan possessed wealth, had more than a thousand heads of horses, large herds of cattle, flocks of sheep and goats.
He was in close contact with prominent people of that time: the biys Tynaybek and Shakei, Akan Sere, Ukili Ybray, Naouan Hazret, the famous bai Aznabay, Nygmetzhan, Tashen, shared bread and salt and with other best contemporaries.
In 2013, the famous researcher, art historian, composer and writer Ilya Zhakanov on the 175th page of his book “Adam” writes: “Akan sere and his son, traveling around the mountain of Zhylandy, arrived in the village of Tirzhan kazhy.
Here he spent several carefree fun days in a circle of people who loved and appreciated him, and performed his songs. ” His famous “Balgadish” was also performed during this visit. Similar statements about kazhy are also found in the writings of the writer Saken Zhunusov.
The grave of Tirzhana kazy is located in the western part of the village of Baiterek.