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Gravity site “Өрес ханым” location in 2 km to the west of the Uryupinka village, Akkol District, Akmola Region. Data on sacral site: According to the akyn Karauyl: “Along the road leading to the burial of Өres Hanim, there is a road called“ Dөңhélekkau”.
In 1896, the village of Uryupinka was founded on the site of Dөңgelekkau, where settlers from the city of Uryupinsk Volgogradskaya settled. areas. It is known from the letters of S. Ualihanov that Abylai Khan had 12 wives. He is the father of forty daughters and thirty sons.
But Khan paid special attention to his beloved wife Өres Hanim. Going to another military campaign, Abylai-Khan always took with him Өres Hanım, which was the only Kazakh, among all his wives - Karakalpak, Uzbek, Kalmyk and Kyrgyz.
The wise Abylai-Khan married girls of different nationalities in order to prevent clashes between nations. Writer, scientist Zhayyk Bekturov writes: “From the memories of the older generation of the village of Uryupinka: one day Abylay Khan, heading to Turkestan with his soldiers, orders to stop at the Talkar River, located in Dgelekkau.
Local residents traditionally invite Abylai Khan to visit. Near the aul there passes a large so-called black road leading to the village of Kyzylzhar. Sometimes people call her the black road of Khan Abylay. According to the legend, before speaking on further, Abylai-khan orders the shaman Shaygy-burru to be summoned.
Khan asked him: "What awaits me in the future?" He answered: “O great Khan! Your beloved wife will soon die. You have to bury her here at this place. ” But Khan did not attach importance to these words and set out on this road. However, not having passed 20 km, Өres Hanim dies.
Then Khan remembers the words of the doctor, returns and buries her in that place, which the shaman pointed out to him. Since then, this place is called “Khanym syyegi” (remains of Ores Hanim).

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