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Panel of the Star of poetry.

Trip to Dushanbe.

Panel of the Star of poetry in Dushanbe I.Samani is established on a facade of the House of the Union of writers of Tajikistan in the street. A monument to known writers of the East and the present.
On a panel 11 figures of Tadjik and east poets and the writers created both in the early Middle Ages, and during the Soviet period are represented. The panel represents attention of spectators sculptural images of such poets, as Omar Khayam, Sadriddin Aini, Abu Abdallakh Rudakhi and Mirzo Tursunzade.
Sculptures are executed from bronze and established in deepenings, leaning on special eaves with the names engraved on them. In the center of a composition there is a bas-relief in the form of the open book on which inscriptions on farsi and Tadjik are put.
Near to a panel there are such places of interest of the Tadjik capital, as hotel "Tajikistan", a building of the Palace of the Nations and one of the world's largest flagstaffs on which the national colours of Tajikistan develops.

The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.