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The park of the Victory.

FAM tour in Dushanbe.

The park of the Victory is located in mountain parts (east hills) cities Dushanbe. The architecturally-sculptural memorial complex has been built in 1975 under the project of a group of authors from institute Dushanbegiprogor (architects B.Zuhurdinov, Century Cherdinin, sculptor D.Ryabichev).
The front entrance in a forest park and to a memorial is stipulated from street of Friendship of People in the form of wide avenue with ladders. For the convenient message and simplification of rise on top of a hill with a memorial the road (the architect of the project of M. Ismailov, designer R.Hursandov) is constructed pendant rope cableway.
Opening of park of the Victory over Dushanbe has been dated to 40 - years anniversary of the Victory over Great Domestic war 1941 - 1945. Under the project in park have been constructed the area Grieve with eternal fire avenue of Heroes with a high relief and a sculpture of Mother.
At bottom of a ladder in the center the polished granite plate with inscriptions in honour of soldiers - heroes of Soviet Union is located. At the same time, stipulated the cascade of pools and a monument the Native land - Mother and have remained the project not realized.
The park of the Victory is one of favourite vacation spots of the townspeople. On holidays, especially in Day of the Victory over the top terrace military parades are constantly spent.

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