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The center of TV and radio broadcasting Turkmenistan, a usual television tower it is turned here into the huge eight-beam star covered on both sides with special strong glasses. In the afternoon at the clear sky thanks to direct hit on its surface of sunshine shine of a star is visible for tens of kilometers.
And night-time joins color illumination and illumination. To the new teleradio center the wide highway with a general extent about ten kilometers, the serpentine curling on mountain terraces conducts.
On the platform before a complex fountains, and at an entrance the decorative platform for visitors is arranged. The new Ashgabat teleradio center is not only one of the largest among the similar objects constructed in the world for the last thirty years, but also one of the highest on the arrangement above sea level.
In it is mute all is provided necessary for preparation TV and broadcasts, including the studios and studies, other service and technical premises equipped state-of-the-art. Construction height together with the powerful antenna crowning it - 211 meters. the 38-meter mast gives the chance to conduct analog and digital broadcasting.
Its spike has the special device allowing to keep balance in the conditions of seismicity. Signal covering radius - 100 kilometers. The five-floor basis of a construction reminds the truncated step pyramid, and the areas of these five floors decrease with each following tier.
On the fourth floor the conference room calculated on 250 people is located. The main unit of a complex consists of 31 floors where except studios and other special rooms of different function office offices, the dining room and restrooms for employees, cafeterias settle down.
On the 29th floor there is a rotating restaurant from where the extensive panorama of the Turkmen capital and its vicinities opens. It will be possible to admire beauty of Ashgabat and a natural mountain landscape of Kopetdagh and from a viewing terrace of the teleradio center.

Authority:  Ruslan Muradov.