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Theater of Pushkin in Ashgabad.

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Ashgabad and Turkemistan and Silk Road.

The Ashgabad state Russian drama theater (about 1957 names Ampere-second. Pushkina). In Ashgabat (Poltoratsk) since October 1, 1926 the decision of the government of Turkmenistan opened the Russian theater, one of the biggest theaters in the republic (1200 places).
The state Russian theater, oldest and only in Turkmenistan, located in Ashgabat on Makhtumkuli Avenue (the former Svoboda Avenue). In 1937 the theater received a name of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.
During an earthquake of 1948 only the first floor of the building of theater escaped. Nevertheless, in several months the theatrical season renewed. Through some time for it the new building on the street of a name was built on May 1 (nowadays - Gyorogla Street).
In February, 2004 the building on Gyorogla Street was demolished, according to the official version, in view of its critical condition. The theater celebrated a housewarming in the building of the former Palace of culture of the Ashgabat Silk factory located on Makhtumkuli Avenue.
The theater director was L. Lonskoy, the chief director – V. Lukashevich. First performances: Fantastic sum, the Mandate, Those which die out (A noble nest), May night (according to Gogol), etc.
In 1927 - 1929 the theater was headed by A.Kanin, B. Schmidt worked as the next director. Leading actors of troupe of this period: Kirillov, Filinovsky, Lubin, Rendel, Krylov, etc. During the different periods in theater directors worked: V. Fedorov (1937 - 1940), N. Tekker (1940 - 1945), I.Gromov (1945 - 1958).
To pre-war time on the stage of theater there were performances: The person with N. Pogodin gun, the King Lear Shakespeare, Shemshat Esenovoy, etc. The best performances of the post-war period were: Fantastic sum of Ostrovsky (1945), Taming obstinate Shakespeare (1946), Allan Mukhtarov Family (1948), the Moscow character of Sofronov (1949), Jahan Seytliyeva (1951), the Cheerful guest Mukhtarova (1955), Dostoyevsky's Idiot (1956) Why Korneychuk stars (1958), etc. smiled.
In 1960th and 1980th in theater directors worked: V. Aksenov, V. Reguretsky, Yu.Shishkin. The troupe is represented by actors: Kirillov, Kotovshchikova, Lubin, Ridel, Abramov, Burdeyn, Bobrovsky, Avetisov, Gomanyuk, Lukin, Chirkov, Patrol, Rastorguyeva, Sviridov, Arkhangelsk, etc.
Entered the repertoire of theater: Farewell in June of Vampilov, Honour the father of a svoyegolavrentyev, I am responsible for all Herman, the Diplomat Alyoshina, Gorky's Old man, Sirano de Bergerac of Rostan, etc.
History of the Russian drama theater in Ashgabad began in 1926 when in Turkmenistan there began the work the first stationary professional theater. In 1937 the name of A.S. Pushkin was appropriated to the Ashgabad drama theater.
V. Lukashevich was the theater director then L. Lonskoy, the chief director. In 1926 our city was called still Poltoratsk, it stood on a dawn of the youth. Those years the Turkmen theater began to develop.
The new theater opened a season a premiere – a performance according to A. N. Ostrovskys play "Fantastic sum". The on-stage performance group was faced by the purpose – to develop traditions of classical theater, to propagandize works of the Russian and Turkmen literature.
In days of the Great Patriotic War the troupe of theater under the leadership of M. Kirillov more than half a year addressed fighters of the Karelian front. As a stage to them served decks of the ships, forest edges, airfields.
And after a destructive Ashgabat earthquake of 1948 when support was so necessary for injured citizens, the staff of theater resumed the work, literally, in several months. Performances were played on one escaped floor of the theatrical building. In different years performances according to the best works of the Russian classics were put on the stage of Pushkin Theater: "A noble nest" of I. S. Turgenev, "The Cherry Orchard" of A. Chekhov, "Woe from Wit" of A. S. Griboyedov, N. Gogol's "Auditor", "Guilty though guiltless", A. N. Ostrovsky "Girl without dowry", "Small tragedies" of A.S, Pushkin.
The repertoire of theater included works of world classics: Othello, Hamlet, "King Lear" of Shakespeare, "Fiyesko Plot" and "Insidiousness and love" F. Schiller, "Owner of hotel" and "Servant of two misters" C. Goldoni, "Figaro's Marriage" of P. Beaumarchais, O. Balzac's "Stepmother".
Especially the theater of statement of performances of modern writers and playwrights worked well: "The maternal field" of Ch. Aitmatov, "Eldest son" of Vampilov A., A. Arbuzov Tanya. The repertoire included also statements on national destana: "Zokhre and Takhir", "Yusup. the moment of creation of theater was replaced many directors and artistic directors, but it is not changed, it has success in the viewer.
Interest in its creative activity does not disappear over time. It is possible to tell that it is one of the most active cultural centers of the capital. Zuleykh".

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