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Residential building № 10 in Arys.

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“Architecture is the alphabet of giants, the greatest system of visible symbols ever created”

Gilbert Chesterton.

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Residential building number 10 in the city of Arys built in 1912 - 1915. The house is located in the city of Arys, which is part of the Shymkent agglomeration of the Turkestan region. It is located near the station of Arys 2 station, it opens the entire development of the street, differs from the rest of the residential development by the layout and appearance.
One-story, L-shaped in plan, with a roof, the house is freely located on the street. The compositional center of the facade of the house is highlighted with completion and a large roof. The windows are decorated with jumpers, the rest are straight.
The decor of the facades uses a brickwork texture. Decorative trim complement window eaves. The planning structure consists of 3 main parts, the inner space of which was changed by later partitions; the device of the longitudinal corridor violated the initial connection between the rooms of the central and narrower right buildings.

Residential building № 10 in Arys.

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