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Republic Square in Almaty.

Unique sights in Almaty.

"Architecture: the art of making unnecessary necessary"

Frederick Kiesler.

Walk to Republic Square in Almaty.

Republic Square - the venue for festive processions, celebrations, sporting events, parades, and festivities. From Furmanov Street to Mira Street, the length of the area is 580 meters, the width of the central part is 210 meters.
On a small hill, on the south side, is the building of the city akimat, until 1991, there was the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan. On the sides are green squares, with flower beds, pools and fountains.
If you were facing the mountains, you can clearly see the complex located on the right on the right, a little in the depth of the Kazakh television built in 1983. The first telecast in Almaty took place on March 8, 1958.
To the south-east are the President's Southern Residence, the former government building (now the Akimat, or City Hall) and the national television centre. The Central State Museum is situated east of the square, and the Regent Ankara Hotel is on the western side.
The architectural ensemble is completed by two high-rise residential blocks and the adjacent buildings with Eastern-style stained-glass windows. Fountains cascade  the way to Old Square. On а clear day they make а stunning picturе with Republic Square and the Alatau mountains in the background.
There is а platform above the square from which state officials used to watch processions, parades and ceremonies; now there is an art gallery under it. On the north side of the square are 7-storey arched administrative buildings with flower beds, fountains and two 16-storey residential buildings built in the 80s of the last century. 
The square transferred several names, at first it was called, the square named after L.I. Brezhnev, then New Square and further Republic Square. In December 1986, famous events related to youth performances took place on the square.
A 180-meter exposition cannot be overlooked in the square - this is a monument of independence. At the сеntre Square stands the 18-metre-high Monument tо Independence designed by Shota Valikhanov, а well-known Каzаkh architect. President Nazarbayev had the idea for the monument while on а diplomatic visit to Egypt.
The obelisk is topped with the figure of а Sacae warrior - an exact republica of the Golden Man - with а winged snow leopard in flight, and flanked by worked metal panels depicting key events in Kazakhstan's history. А plaque at the foot of the obelisk bears the palm-print the President made on the Constitution when he was sworn in.
The Independence Monument is а comparatively recent (1996) : addition to the square, which, was designed in 1982. The President's Southern Residence can be likened (о а modern multiplex. The Residence is 14 metres higher than the other buildings on the square.
Columns on the building's front and sides give it а solemn, severe look. It is surrounded by green public gar- dens with flower-beds, pondsand fountains. Around the residence you can see several examples of Soviet-era government buildings.

New square. 70s of the last century.New square. 80s of the last century.New square. 1997s of the last century.New square. 2002s of the last century.

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Alexander Petrov.