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Necropolis Baubek Batyr.

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Necropolis Baubek Batyr is in 940 meters to the southwest of the village of Baubek Batyr, Zhaksynsky district of the Akmola region. An object is surveyed by archaeological group the Ishim stationary archaeological expedition in 2006.
The monument represents two mausoleums built of an adobe brick, which are in the territory of the Muslim cemetery. The first mausoleum of the central dome form, is built of an adobe brick (adobe), has under four coal design in the basis built from a stone by the sizes of 4 x 5,7 m.
On the stone basis the main part of the mausoleum is constructed by the sizes of 3,1 x 3,5 m with a height of 1,5 m on which the dome design 1,5 m high towers. The second mausoleum 2 has the central dome design, is built from an adobe brick, a mausoleum form cone-shaped.
Diameter on the basis of 7 m, height of 4 m, the top part of a dome collapsed. Width of walls of the mausoleum of 0,7 meters. The monument is dated modern times (the Arch., 2009, page 333 - 334). Coordinates of a necropolis N 51 °16′19.5 ″ E 067 °06′28.2 ″

The world Turkic congress the Center of genealogical researches at TURAN PRO Academy Scientific research institute of archeology of K. A. Akishev at ENU of L. Gumilev.