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Necropolis of Bostbay.

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The Necropolis of Bostbay is in 1 km to the north of the settlement of Shalgay of Zharkainsky district of the Akmola region. Tersakan is located on the right river bank. The necropolis represents a number of funeral constructions consisting of 2 types of designs.
In the southern part of a complex designs from a stone in a form four of coal constructions are concentrated. In a northern part of a complex modern Muslim burials of childbirth Altai and Sugir. The general fencing at a necropolis is absent.
The largest construction is the mausoleum 1 having square shape put from a red stone. Sizes of 6 x 6,2 m. Height of a stone design is 2,6 m, height from the remains of a dome of 3,35 m. Thickness of walls is 1,2 m.
The design has 3 levels of construction: 1 - the basis put from large stone blocks by the sizes to 1 m diameter. Height of the basis of 1 m the 2nd level - on the basis the walls put from a red tiled stone are put up the power of a layer makes 1 meter.
The 3rd level represents the destroyed dome put from clay blocks (adobe). The fixed part of the remained dome from the southeast party is based upon wooden overlapping (log). The rest of a dome represents a laying in 7 rows a brick the sizes of 12 x 25 cm.
In a southwest wall of a construction there is a small pass blocked by a large stone plate the sizes of 1,5 x 0,25 m, the amount of pass: width on the basis of 0,5 m, height is 1,1 m. Object is dated an era of modern times, is a bright indicator of development of cult architecture of the Middle Ages (The arch of monuments of 2009).
Coordinates of a necropolis of Bostbay N 50 °45′37.8 ″, E 67 °46′46.4 ″

The world Turkic congress the Center of genealogical researches at TURAN PRO Academy Scientific research institute of archeology of K. A. Akishev at ENU of L. Gumilev.