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Myrzatai mountains on Mangyshlak.

Highest mountains of Kazakhstan.

"The man who is on the very top of the mountain did not fall there from the sky."


Mountainous areas of Mangyshlak.

Myrzatai Mountains are located in the northwestern part of the Northern Aktau Range, are located in the northeastern part of the Mangyshlak Peninsula, 2.5 kilometers south of the southern coast of the Koshak Bay, east of the Ushauyz Mountains, west of the Akmai Mountains in the Mangistau region of the same name region.
The Myrzatai Mountains stretch in a narrow strip from the southeast to the northwest for 11 kilometers, their width is also small and reaches only 1.5 kilometers in the southeastern part. The mountains on the northern and northwestern sides resemble a chink plateau, which rises towards the center.
In the south and southwest, along the Myrzatai Mountains, the picturesque Akespe ravine stretches, which, 9.5 kilometers after the beginning in the southeastern part of the Myrzatai Mountains, turns north and encircles the mountains for 4 kilometers.
From the east, the natural border of the mountains is the Aktau-Karazhambas highway and the western tip of the Akmay mountains. In the northeastern and northern parts of the mountains there are several small salt reservoirs and wells, among them the Kishkentai Tuyesu well.
In the northern part, between the Myrzatai mountains and the Koshak Bay, there is the Tuyesu valley. The highest elevation in the Myrzatai Mountains, in the southeastern part, is Mount Myrzatai, 232.7 meters above sea level.
The next highest is an unnamed mountain with a height of 190.4 meters above sea level, located in the central part of the mountains.  The northern slopes of the mountains descend to the southern shore of the Koshak Bay.
The surface of the Myrzatai mountains from the main ridge and further to the north looks like a rugged surface with meridional ravines. The ravines are so frequent that there is practically no flat surface left, the slopes are sheer and steep. The relief of the mountains is very complex.
Geographical coordinates of Myrzatai Mountains on Mangyshlak Peninsula: N44°26'32.15" E51°33'24.12"

Authority and photos by
Alexander Petrov.