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Mountains Kaushe on Mangyshlak.

Main mountain ranges in Mangyshlak.

“Many are afraid of mountains, but this is from their ignorance. The unknown is always scary. The mountains, of course, are formidable, but not insidious and not malicious. Hurry up to the mountains! You are waiting for the discovery of pristine nature. You will discover yourself.”

Vasily Kovtun.

Mountain ranges and peaks of Kazakhstan.

Kaushe Mountains are located in the central part of the Mangyshlak Peninsula, in the western part of the Emdy Mountains, to the north of the Karatau meridional ridge, to the south of the Koshak Bay in the Mangystau region of the region of the same name.
The sublatitudinal mountains of Kaushe stretch from west to east for 14 kilometers, their width is small and reaches 2 - 3 kilometers in some places. Stretching 9 kilometers from east to west, the mountains on the south side are more like a chink plateau that rises to the north.
Between the northern slopes of the Kaushe mountains and the drying up channel of Yesekzhar, the Yesekzhar valley stretches. The valley starts from the eastern slopes of the Karatau mountains and stretches to the drying up salty channel of the Ashchykar and stretches for 12 kilometers from west to east.
The most dominant mark in the Kaush mountains in the central part of the chink is an unnamed mountain 218.2 meters high above sea level. The next elevation is an unnamed mountain 214.7 meters above sea level, located closer to the western part of the mountains.
The western border of the mountains is the beginning of the Shakpakatasai canyon, the eastern border is a long ravine and a drying stream Kumakapa, the mouth of which is located in the northeastern part of the Sarytash Bay.
The surface of the Kaushe Mountains looks like a wavy plateau 3 - 9 kilometers wide with remnant peaks that have been preserved in some places. The plateau is indented by numerous ravines-sai, which have steep, sometimes sheer slopes.
The relief of the mountains is very complex, stretching several rows of low ridges with steep southern and gentle northern slopes up to 20 or more meters high.
Geographic coordinates of Kaushe mountains on the Mangyshlak peninsula: N44°24'34.70" E51°15'55.50"

Authority and photos by
Alexander Petrov.