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Monument of Muratbaev Almaty.

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“Whoever is timid by nature, he will not only not commit any brave feats, but will also inspire fear in his comrades”

Thomas More, Utopia

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The monument of monumental art to Gani Muratbaev, the organizer of the Komsomol in Central Asia and Kazakhstan (1902 - 1925), was erected on Lenin Avenue (Dostyk) at the corner of Satpayev Street in 1985. The monument to the young revolutionary is cast in bronze.
The total height is 3.7 meters. Sculptors T.S. Dosmagambetova, O.G. Prokopyeva, architects Sh.E. Valikhanov, A.S. Kainarbayev. Gani Murtabaev is depicted in a paramilitary jacket - a uniform typical of a Soviet worker of the 20s.
The monument stands on the stylobate, turning into an arc from the back. On the front part it is written: "Gani Muratbaev." 6 steps lead to a site made of polished red granite tiles, where the monument is located.

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