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Mausoleum of Olzhabay Tolebayuly.

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“If the work is worthy completed,
He will exalt and glorify you.”

Firdousi Abulkasim.

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The Mausoleum of Olzhabay Tolebayuly is
Born in 1709, died in 1783. His great-grandfather Ay-Dabol was a famous bee. The father of Olzhabay Tolybai died in the years of the great disaster “Ataban Shuburundy”, protecting the people from the Dzungarian invasion. At that time, Olzhabay was thirteen years old, and he was brought up by Uncle Karatay Batyr.
Olzhabay from a young age showed courage. Having matured, he began to participate in battles. In the battle with the Dzungars in the spurs of the Bayanaul Mountains, Olzhabay Batyr showed heroism. Together with his nephew Zhasybai Batyr, he ambushed the enemy.
Sarbazy Zhasyby batyr were at the pass to Shoyynkol, and Olzhabay batyr with their warriors were at the pass to Lake Toraigyr. Dzhungars attacked the Zhasybay detachment, and Olzhabay hit them from the rear. Zhasybai batyr perishes in a battle. Olzhabay courageously fights with the enemy.
Seeing his formidable face, Tortuyl Baimurat Batyr said: “There is no one left who could go against you, rest, give me the opportunity to fight the enemy.” To which Olzhabay responded: “The price of even one finger of Zhasyby has not yet been replenished,” and continued to exterminate the jungar.
The name Olzhabay Batyr became the cry of the soldiers of the Middle Zhuz. Songs and legends have been preserved, praising courage, courage, accuracy, generosity of Olzhabay-batyr. Olzhabay Batyr is the ancestor of the poet, writer and literary critic Olzhas Suleimenov and the famous Kazakh scientist-archaeologist A.Kh. Margulana.

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