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Glacier of Semeonov.

Glaciers of Kyrgyzstan.

“All nature wears one universal grin” 

Henry Fielding.

The combined tours and routes in mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Semeonov glacier - a glacier on the Central Tien-Shan in Kyrgyzstan (The Issyk kul region). It is located on a northern slope of the ridge Sary-Dzhaz in upper courses of the river of the same name. The Sary-Jazz River originates from the Semenov dendritic glacier, which originates on the slopes of Semenov peak, 5816 meters above sea level at the junction of the Terskey-Ala-Too and Sary-Jazz ranges.
Avalanches play an important role in the nutrition of the glacier. To the left, 5 large tributaries flowing from the northern slope of the Adyrtor ridge into the Semenov glacier. Their tongues on the surface of the main the trunk is bordered by stained ridges.
On the right, from the southern slope of the Terskey-Ala-Too ridge, only two small tributaries flow into the glacier. The tongue of the Semenov glacier is gentle, its surface is covered with funnels resembling karst, with a diameter of up to 30 - 50 meters.
In some, meltwater accumulates, forming lakes. Melting in the tongue of a glacier at an altitude of 3700 meters above sea level averages 2.5 centimeters per day during the ablation period, and the maximum is up to 8 - 10 centimeters per day.
Semenov Glacier from 1885 retreated by almost 3 kilometers. The speed of linear reductions in most large glaciers is 2 - 10 meters per year. Small glaciers almost did not change their outlines and for the most part are stationary or close to
its position (Bakov. 1983; Dikikh. 1976; Zabirov. 1958, 1962) (Dolgushin, Osipova, Rototaeva. 1972; Vinogradov, Konovalova, Psareva 1980; Catalog of Glaciers. 1967 - 1979). Glacier it was opened in 1857 by the Russian researcher Pyotr Petrovich Semyonov (subsequently Semyonovym-Tyan-Shanskiy) in honor of whom it received the name.

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Photos by
Vladimir Serbenko.