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Gate the Arch.

Sights of reserve Ghissar.

During the medieval period the city had four gate: Darvozi Hoki Safed - east; Darvozi Shikori - Southern; Darvozi Gozien - western; Darvozi Chashma Mokhien - northern, which, probably, name the main gate of city.
The main smart gate are at southern-east party of a hill. From them deep into fortresses the road strengthened by retaining brick walls and coming to an end platform Darvozkhona rises, the limited pise-walled wall erected in XIX century.
To the right of a gate locates the bulk, raised part of a hill in the form of the truncated pyramid (100 х 60 meters, height of 80 meters) - by a total area of 4250 square meters. Here, at top of a hill was Ark - a citadel of the governor in which got on the road begun from Darvozkhona and a streamer risen on abrupt slope.

Characteristic the front decisions, the underlined symmetry of an arrangement of both basic compositions madrasah and their arrangement to an input in ark assumes, that statement of these buildings the problem of the spatial organization enough an extensive site at an arch was solved.
As have shown archeologic researches the first smart medieval gate erected from burnt of a brick, for not clear reason have been destroyed, and in 6 m to the south 22 from them, in XVI century are constructed new.
In a present kind gate Ghissar of a fortress are erected not earlier than XVIII century. They are constructed of well burnt brick, on the base from stone blocks. He is the fine characteristic sample defensive architecture.
The big arch aperture is arranged in a wide shaped frame, between two round towers topped by cylindrical dome constructions. Within the precincts of premises was on eight loopholes which arrangement allowed to conduct bombardment along walls of strengthening.
Nothing decorates blank walls of this representative and simultaneously defensive construction, except for the profound panel above it. Behind an arch input the dome lobby expanded due to lateral vaulted niches settled down.
In greater premises on the parties of the lobby, partially profound in the ground, possibly, it was placed the guard. The back wall of a lobby has been cut by the same arch aperture, as a lobby.
A gate are, one of not numerous parts of strengthenings an arch. The general character rather low pakhsa walls testifies that their purpose, obviously, was limited to function of internal protection, unlike powerful strengthenings XVI century Since XVI century on a citadel were under construction and palaces of governors Ghissar were repeatedly reconstructed.

Ghissar a gate.Ghissar a gate.One of towers at Ghissar a gate.Ghissar a gate. 1982.The destroyed part of a palace of governor Hisora. 1924.Ghissar a gate during restoration.Ghissar a gate during restoration.

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Photos are used
Alexander Petrov. Old photos from a museum in madrasah Kuhna.