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Church in village of Koksayek.

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The Church of the Great Martyr George the Victorious is located on the main street in the village of Koksaek, Tolebi district of Turkestan region. It was built in 1882 of the XIXth century from burnt bricks with decorative elements from the same material.
The spatial solution of the building is a longitudinal axial composition. Two-light temple, covered by a closed arch; on the east side adjoins it a 3-private altar with faceted apses, on the west - the refectory, with a belfry above the entrance.
The bunk quadrangular frame is completed attic with one row of corbel arch. The entrances to the temple and the refectory are decorated with portals with a rusticate ring arched opening and abutment. The decoration of the facades is given by elongated arched windows with platbands.
The cornice is decorated with a number of simple windows. Acting now. In Soviet times, the temple in the village of Koksayek underwent various tests, the church building was blown up, they tried to tear down the walls with the help of the first caterpillar tractors, and stored grain.
After the granary, the building was empty for a long time, then the school was opened. Later, a museum was opened here, in recent years there has been a library. In the 90s of the XX century, the temple was revived. Near the church is a source of clean drinking water.
Geographic coordinates of N 42` 15.242` E 069` 59.769`

The church in the village of Koksayek. Photo of the 80s of the XX century.

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