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At-Bashi valley.

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The intermountain, latitudinal valley of At-Bashi is located at an altitude of 2554 meters above sea level in the east, 2291.2 meters above sea level in the central part and 2032.8 meters above sea level in the western part. The valley is located in the southern part of the Western Tien-Shan in the At-Bashinsky district of the Naryn region.
The length of the valley from southwest to northeast is 60 kilometers. The greatest width of the valley reaches 9 kilometers between the villages of Ozgorush and Ak-Moyun and in the direction from the villages of Ak-Muz to Taldy-Suu.
In the eastern part, the valley starts from the right tributary of the Ichke-Kamanda with a length of 13.2 kilometers and the left tributary of the Ak-Bulak with a length of 5.7 kilometers, which flow into the At-Bashi River.
In the west, the valley borders on the bed of the Kulmei River and the eastern slopes of the Kuturgan Mountains. The At-Bashi valley borders on the north with the Naryn-Too, Almashyk, Kara-Too ranges. In the south, the valley is bounded by the northern slopes of the At-Bashi ridge.
The relief of the valley is mostly flat and hilly. There are deposits of marble, clay and others. The climate is sharply continental and dry. The average temperature in January is 17.2 C, in July - up to 17 C. Precipitation in the eastern part is 300 - 400, in the western part - 200 - 250 mm per year.
Soils in the valley are gray-brown, dark and light brown. Vegetation: willow, shrub, aspen, sea buckthorn, feather grass, wormwood grows at an altitude of 2000 to 2300 meters above sea level. At the foot of the At-Bashi ridge, meadow-steppes spread; above - spruce forest, subalpine, alpine zone is located at an altitude of 3500 to 4300 meters above sea level, in the northern part - semi-deserts and steppes. The valley is used as a pasture.
Geographical coordinates of At-Bashi valley: N41°09'57.60" E75°55'44.21"

Authority and photos by
Alexander Petrov.