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About a minaret Mohammed Aminhan.

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"Having come up with an amazing legend about yourself, you can become a legendary person"

George Alexandrov.

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Separate legends there also run about this minaret among the people:
- "They say, that the Khan of Khiva ordered to build a very large and tall minaret. He gave an instruction that - "From its vertex the ancient Bukhara would be seen". Having heard about it the emir of Bukhara concluded with the architect building a minaret the secret contract under which under which immediately upon completion of construction of the minaret he had to build a minaret in Bukhara higher than in Khiva.
In reward for this the Emir promised him a a very large amount of tillia (gold coins).
Having learned about it the Khan decided to kill the master right after the completion of the construction of the minaret. Having heard about the intention of the Khan the master disappeared, leaving minaret unfinished. There were verses about it among the people saying: 
- "Madaminkhan's madrassah is completed but his minaret is left unfinished, Madaminkhan isn't awarded in his desire ". But despite this the minaret even in that state looks majestic and beautiful.