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About the Kutlug Murad-inak madrasah.

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“It is not difficult to understand why the legend deserved more respect than the story. The whole village creates the legend - the book is written by a lonely madman”

Gilbert Chesterton.

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According to legend, Kutlug Murad-inak wanted to be buried in the madrasa he built himself. However, he died in Dishan-Kala, and according to the Khiva custom, the body of the deceased should not cross the walls of the city.
Then the clergy went to the trick: the walls of Ichan-Kala at the eastern gate were destroyed, and the madrasah turned out to be in the territory of Dishan-Kala. The body was moved through a hole in the wall and buried in a madrasa under the floor of the central room.

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