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Dusti square.

Vacation spots in Dushanbe.

The area «Dusti» (Dushanbe) (translation with Tadjik Maidoni «Duti") - the main area of capital of Republic Tajikistan, is located in the central part of a left bank of city Dushanbe on the prospectus of name Rudakhi.
The area «Dusti» (Friendship) (the former areas it. Lenin and «Ozodi») is in the central part of administrative area of I.Somoni, on a left bank of the river Dushanbinki. The main area of capital of Republic Tajikistan for years of the existence some times changed the shape.
Under general plans of Dushanbe 1966 and 1983 (architects of Century of V.Bugaev, I.Golovina, F.Saifiddinov, O.Vasileva, N.Ulyanov, engineer A.Soin) the wide green esplanade leaving on the river Dushanbinku has been designed
The main area of Dushanbe carried 30 years (1961 - 1991) Name of Century of I.Lenin, it has started to be formed in 1930th years. Its first building was 2 floor building Main Post on an axis of the prospectus it. Lenin.
In 1940 - 1946 On the area the three-tier building of the House of the government is under construction. In 1949 in a southern part of the area the symbol of republic - an obelisk-column with the arms Tadjik SSR (арх is erected. S.L.Anisimov, sculptor B.A.Tatarinov).
And in 1961 from the western party of the area, is erected a bronze sculpture of Century of I.Lenin with the governmental tribune (sculptor T.R.Polyakova, Ampere-second Rybin). Such, image, formation of the area of Lenin comes to the end.
According to the general plan of city Dushanbe, 1966, then 1983 the wide green esplanade leaving on the river Dushanbinki. After purchase of independence of Republic Tajikistan (1991) on a place of a monument of Lenin there was a monument of the greatest poet of East Firdousi (sculptor S.U.Kurbanov, V.Abdurahmanov) and the area (Freedom) has received the name «Ozodi».
In 1997 here is erected monumental ensemble of the governor of the first state Tadjiks (State Samanidov) - Ismoil Somoni with a scepter - a symbol of the government in the lifted right hand (height of a sculpture of 13 meters), (Friendship) has received the name «Dusti".
Grandeur and the importance of the area are created with a huge arch with stalactites from within, a gold crown at top and diameter of 5 meters. Height of a construction from a level of the area of 43 meters.
The arch is established on a high platform inside of which are arranged a museum-pantheon with an exact copy mausoleum Samanidov IX - X c.c. in Bukhara a legal hall. From both parties of a monument bronze images of lions, a symbol of firmness of the state and the guarantor of the world and the consent in the country are established.
Behind an arch on all extent of an esplanade the cascade of fountains with color compositions is arranged. The monument is established in 1999 in honour of celebrating the 1100 anniversary of the state Samanids.

Area Dusti in Dushanbe.Area Dusti in Dushanbe.Area Dusti in Dushanbe.

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