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Monument Mironenko.

 Sculptural monuments of Dushanbe.

The monument to Alexander Mironenko is established on the area of the Victory over 1968. A monument герою-to "Afghan" (to the participant of the Afghani war (1979 - 1989) to Alexander Mironenko, the Hero of Soviet Union.
The square of a name of A.Mironenko (of Dushanbe) - is located in the western part правобрежья the rivers Dushanbinki, of Dushanbe. The square of a name of the Hero of Soviet Union Alexander Mironenko, is located in A.Sino's area of city Dushanbe on crossing of street Mayakovskiy and the prospectus by it. Abu Ali Sino.
The length of square makes - 400 meters, width - 150 meters. Creation of square has been connected with perpetuating memory of soldier Alexander Mironenko of the victim on the Afghani war and the Hero who has received posthumously a rank of Soviet Union.
The monument is established on the central avenue and represents a rectangular plate. On a background of an aperture of a plate, on a high pedestal the bust of soldier A.Mironenko in a peakless cap is established.
At bottom of a plate-wall memorable plates with names of the lost citizens of Tajikistan in the Afghani war are established. The territory of square is arranged well, supplied by paths, benches and pool. Various samples of trees and bushes, flowers are landed.
Alexander Mironenko, Russian on a nationality, was born on October, 20th, 1959 in the city of Stalinabade (nowadays Dushanbe) in family of the worker. Studied in Dushanbe in school №37 which carries a name of the Hero and in the neighbourhood with which, in square, the monument is established to him.
Dreamed to be the builder, to participate in a construction of large objects and residential buildings in republic, therefore has gone to study in building technical school which has ended successfully.
Took a great interest in sports, was the quite good boxer. In 1978, at 19-years age, has been called on service in the Soviet Army. Service passed in structure of the divisions directed to Democratic Republic Afghanistan for rendering of the international help. In one of fights the assistant to the commander of a platoon Intelligence service mouths Guards paraborne a shelf the senior sergeant Alexander Mironenko has made a feat for which to him posthumously, on April, 28th, 1980, the rank of the Hero of Soviet Union has been appropriated. Alexander, surrounded dushmans0, has undermined itself and enemies  bombshell.
It is Forever enlisted in lists of one of military units.

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