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Ural fortress.

Ancient fortresses in territory of Aktyubinsk area.

«Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved»

Thomas Fuller.

History Tours Aktybinsk region.

The Ural fortress, has been constructed in 1845 in district Zharmola on right the rivers Irgiz for reflection of robberies, attacks kokand and khiva beks. The Kazakhs wandered nearby Khivan and Kokand fortification on the river Syr-Darya, paid zyket, ushur not only to the "own" feudal lords, both khiva and kokand.
The Kazakh auls left to Kara Kum or on Irgiz under protection of Russian fortification. Construction of the Ural fortress was effect strengthenings political and military effect Russia to Kazakhstan and Central Asia. In 40 - 50 XIX centuries it was conducted intensive construction and other Russian strengthenings.
In 200 versts from the Ural fortress on the river Turgai, near natural boundary Beskopa was construction strengthening (subsequently the city of Turgai here has been based). In 1848 between Orenburg link and new strengthenings fort Karabutak has been constructed.
In a peace time the garrison of the Ural fortress consisted of 150 infantrymen, 100 cossacks, 12 cannoneeer at 2 instruments. In 1869 Ural fortress is renamed in Itgiz (town since 1870) - an administrative centre of area Turgay Irgiz of area (then the Aktyubinsk area).
In 1893 in a year in Irgiz accommodation 1523 person, was 2-class Russia - Kazakh school.

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