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Ushbas Cave.

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“No one has changed the history of mankind like historians”

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H.A. Alpysbaev was the discoverer of the Upper Paleolithic cave Ushbas in the Sozak region of the Turkestan region in the mountains of Small Karatau.
In 1958, scientists here discovered in addition to flint tools and bones of bison, rhinoceros, fossil saiga, fox.
Excavations here were resumed ten years later by geologist B.A. Volikov. On the rocky floor of the cave near the fire, he found an interesting product from siltstone - petrified silt.
This is a flake, 8.5 cm long, 0.5 - 0.7 cm thick, on one of the faces of which 10 marks were drawn (cut).
Such items with rhythmic notches are often found in Upper Paleolithic settlements, and the find from Ushbas had a similar purpose - it was used for counting operations, because was not a tool.

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