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Nogai Ishan Mosque.

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“When the hakim of the town saw the numerousness and majesty of Hanak’s troops, then, coming to him with obedience and obedience, he handed the city to the emirs and servants of the khanak like Saturn, and Ak-Kurgan, and Arkuk, and Suzak, and Uzgend also obeyed the right hand of power and its conquests governors. Abulkhair, powerful and similar to Jashid, granted the city of Suzak to the Sultan of the Sultans Bakhtiyar-Sultan, entrusted the administration of Sygnak to the famous Mana-oglan, and Uzgend - Vakkas-biy mangytu”

Maksud bin Usman Kuhistani. "History of Abulhair." XVI century.

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The Nogai Ishan Mosque is located in the northern part of the administrative center of the Sozak rural district in the village of Sozak in the Sozak district of the Turkestan region. The mosque was built of burnt bricks, the facades were left in natural masonry.
In Soviet times, it was converted into a club, internal partitions were made, a stage was equipped in the northern part of the building. Broken window openings. The volumetric and spatial composition of the building consists of a rectangular elongated volume with a developed portal part and an adjacent spacious 2-row aivan. In the central part there is a quadrangle of the main hall, covered by a hipped roof with a bulbous crown.
The facades of the building are treated with rectangular square panels. The main decorative the load is carried by a portal with 2 towers on each side. In the niche of the portal there is a loggia of lancet shape with an openwork wooden lattice and a petal crown over the arch.
The traditional compositional part is an aivan with an external mihrabic niche facing it. Overlapping aivan is supported by tall wooden columns with carved capitals. The layout of the building is axial-longitudinal composition. In the center - a square hall in plan, on the sides - symmetrical rooms.
In the western part of the pylon an additional room is arranged, in the eastern pylon there is a staircase leading to the roof. In the interior of the main hall along the axes there are lancet arches. The ceiling is wooden, suspended, covered with polychrome painting.
In the side rooms, domed ceilings on cantilevered cellular sails.
Geographic coordinates of the mosque Nogai Ishan: N44 ° 08'50.17 "E68 ° 28'10.18"

Authority and photos:
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