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Türkebay ata grave.

Sacred places of Kazakhstan.

"Trust a person - and you will do much more to win his heart than all kinds of regulations of the law and power"

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The grave of St. Turkebay ata is located at an altitude of 220 meters above sea level, located 1.5 kilometers southeast of the right bank of the small river Danabike, in the southern part of the Tersek tract, 23.5 kilometers west of the village of Karamendy (former Dokuchaevka), 18.3 kilometers northeast of the village of Ulendy and 10.2 kilometers from the Karamendy-Ulendy highway in the Naurzum district of the Kostanay region.
There are several legends about Türkebai ata. Once Zholshara awliye turned the reins of his horse in the direction of the Akan village to visit his sister Uki. Her husband Akan, sitting at the dastarkhan, called his sons, wishing to know their future.
About his eldest nephew Shegenbai Zholshar said that he would be a calm, balanced, hardworking person. After stroking the head of the seven-year-old Türkebai, Zholshar awliye said that he would be endowed with a special gift, his name would be known to the entire Kazakh people.
Over time, changes will occur to him, you need to be careful. When Türkebai fell seriously ill, he dreamed of a man in a white robe. He looked at the boy with sympathy, stroked his head and untied his hands and feet. Suddenly the image of the saint disappeared, and Türkebai woke up completely healthy.
Since then, endowed with unique abilities, Türkebai began to heal people. Once his peer Zhansegir Zhamenkeuly turned to him with a request to find out something about his son, who had not returned from Bukhara. The merchant's mother shed many tears, longing for her son.
At that time, the path of traders could last more than one year. Türkebay ata said:
- "Treat yourself today and spend the night with me, and tomorrow we will see." The next morning at tea he said: “Your son is healthy, he sold all the cattle and bought the necessary things. Today he bought a takia, exchanging it for two bright colors, only put it on his head, but the wind carried it away, that's all his losses.
Coming home soon. " Indeed, the guy soon returned to the village safe and sound. Zhansegir came to the awliya with his son to give his blessing. After the treat, Türkebai ata says: “Baybishe, bring a headdress”. Baibishe brings takiya, on which everyone saw the mark put by the guy.
Once Türkebai with his friends went to visit their acquaintances from the Younger Zhuz. It happened in the spring, when the Ayat River flooded. On the other bank, they saw many yurts and people gathered for the memorial ace of the famous aksakal.
The people who arranged the funeral called to taste the ace, but warned that the crossing was a day's drive from this place. Then Türkebay awliye told them to cook a treat in the yurt and release it. After spreading zhainamaz and reading a prayer. He shouted "Pull!"
A yurt with a treat moved to this shore. After the refreshments and the recitation of the prayer, the yurt was returned back. Before his death, Türkebai ata ordered not to build his grave and not to fence it. There were attempts, but each time the fence burned down.
That is why his burial is a hillock without signs and landmarks. Everyone who comes to the grave, regardless of religion, can put a stone to a sign by the road or to the grave, asking the saint for help. You can also put coins under the stones at the burial, the sum of which must be a multiple of seven, wish what you want, and in return take coins left by other people, and be sure to buy food with them.
While dying, Türkebai ata said that his strength would remain for another 200 years, therefore, people still light candles at his burial place, read the Koran to heal from diseases.
Geographic coordinates of the mazar of Saint Türkebay ata: N51 ° 39'21.11 "E63 ° 53'11.36"

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