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Theatre of miniatures Oaina.

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The art theatre of miniatures OainaIn (translation from the Tadjik language - The Mirror) has been formed 8.06.1991 under U.Radzhabov initiative at city administration of city Dushanbe. The purpose of theatre of miniatures Oaina - revival, preservation and the further development of a rich heritage of Tadjik people, its theatrical art which has deep roots.
Display of transformation of traditional history-art motives, plots of folklore and the written literature from first days of existence of theatre became the defining factor for art collective. The analysis of art receptions of story-tellers and maskharabozov, original forms of public performances of masters of humour and the satire, separate elements of traditional theatre of Tadjiks allows to consider a problem of interaction of modern theatre and its traditions in new aspect.
Theatre Oaina promoted display of comic abilities of some writers, to an output of their products on a theatrical stage. So, on a stage there were masterpieces of a modern comedy: «Deserted island", "Check","Meeting", "The Native land-mother", "The Linguist", "In a maternity hospital».
In close cooperation with authors statements of satirical products of I.Rahimi «The translator" and "The Telegram» are carried out. The big contribution to a variety of repertoir of theatre was brought by the active author and executor U.Radzhabov.
Its products «The Thief", "The Letter", "Quorum" and "Birthday» were included into repertoir of theatre. A special place in repertoir of theatre products of Russian humorists, satirists - borrow also Vladimir Poljakova, Michael Zadornov, Leon Izmaylov, Arcady Inina.
The Creative structure of theatre consists of outstanding masters of the Tadjik stage: U.Radzhabov, S.Mardonova, R.Kurboniyon, A.Rahmatulloeva, T.Saidovoi, A.Murodova, etc. On the basis of scenic products of theatre creates television films and performances.

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