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Surkhandarya river.

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"Be like a lotus: it blooms even in muddy water"

Chinese proverb.

 Horse-riding tourism in Uzbekistan.

The Surkhandarya River flows in Surkhandarya region of Uzbekistan, is the right tributary of the Amu Darya River. The name of the river is usually taken to the Tajik “red river” (Tajik surkh - red, darya - river). The Surkhandarya river is formed at the confluence of the Tupalangdarya and Karatag rivers flowing from the southern slope of the Ghissar ridge.
The length of the river is 175 kilometers (from the source of the Karatag River - 287 kilometers), the basin area is 13,500 square kilometers. High water lasts from June to August. The average water consumption 6 kilometers from the mouth (Manguzar section) is 65.8 cubic meters per second.
On the river there is the South Surkhan reservoir. Used for irrigation. The main tributaries are Sangardak and Khalkajar (right). The food is snowy, rainy floods from March to July, maximum flow in May. Mineralization of water in composition is hydrocarbonate and calcium) increases downstream and at the mouth in low water reaches 1 gram per 1 liter.


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.