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Shahri Barbar.

Legends and myths of Central Asia and Tajikistan.

“I haven't finished revisiting Sleeping Beauty. As a faerie tale, that one is rife with inherent difficulties. After all, the world doesn't stop just because one person is asleep” 

 Anna Sheehan, A Long, Long Sleep.

Legends of the mountains of Tajikistan.

Once upon a time there was a marvelous city in the Alichur Valley, in which the Indian king, Barbara, ruled. Many caravan routes led to this city. They say that people here lived perfectly in the joy and goodness of the golden age, did not grow old and did not die.
Only soon they forgot their Creator and ceased to glorify him for all the mercies poured on them. And then the Almighty sent them the scourge of God - the giant Hudam, who destroyed all the inhabitants, and the heavenly fire burned down the city, the memories of which remained only in the sacred chants of the Pamiri - "Mado".
Others believe that the brother-in-law of the Prophet, Ali, destroyed him. Now only the wind and teresken, and the now rare argali horns, have remained in place of the once great dream of Transoxian (Maverannahr), the "Veils of Morgan" of the Eastern Pamirs.


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.