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Overnight at Lake Parie Parien.

Informative stories, legends and myths from Tajikistan.

“A lot of legends, a lot of people, have come before me. But this is my time”

Usain Bolt.

7 legends of love in Tajikistan.

High in the mountains of the Kara-Taga there is a small beautiful lake with azure water. The ear of a sophisticated traveler sometimes in the surrounding space will hear the sounds of the singing of many girls, striking with their unearthly sound.
The tradition of these mountains says that if there is a seeker who is not afraid to spend the night in silence and loneliness on the lake, then from the depths of the waters a beautiful peer will come to him and give the brave one a magic kiss.
In the middle of this lake there is an island filled with the fragrance of tall herbs. But mortals are afraid to disturb the peace of this island, only occasionally a shadow of the ruler of mountains and forests, a mysterious bigfoot, in a local way, ghoul glimpses in the moonlight.
And the daredevil, who ventured to stay on this island for the night, can see another phenomenon - fireballs rising from the surface of Pariyon and taking away his eternal secrets to the depths of the sky.


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.