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Settlement of Karamergen.

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"Look how fortified
Terrible city from all sides!
n the left is the bank of a stormy river,
On the right - ditches, as many as six rows,
hey are deep, they are wide!
This fortress has forty gates.
The enemy will never pass here:

Hour number sixty
standing at the iron gates"

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Settlement of Karamergen (translated from Kazakh as Kara mergen - Black shooter or black hunter) is located at an altitude of 347 meters above sea level, located 78.3 kilometers northeast of the village of Karaoy, 101 kilometers northeast of the village of Bosingen, 123.3 kilometers northwest of the village of Akzhar, in the Balkhash district in the northern part of the Almaty region.
Agashayak ancient settlement is located in the northern part of the Saryesik-Atyrau sands, 73 kilometers south and slightly east of the Saryesik peninsula on Lake Balkhash, 1.7 kilometers southwest of the Karamergen valley.
The settlement of Karamergen is located 38.5 kilometers to the north and a little west of the settlement of Agashayak, from the settlement of Aktam Karamergen is 79.3 kilometers to the north and a little to the west.
The ancient settlement of Karamergen is a square structure in terms of the cardinal directions from the southeast to the northwest. The length of the swollen walls of the fortification is: southern - 132, western - 126, estern - 131, northern - 139 meters.
The fortification area is 23205.09 square meters, the perimeter reaches 621.08 meters. Corner towers and entrances are quite well preserved on the settlement of Karamergen. The settlement of Karamergen is one of the largest and northernmost, it is a small medieval town of agricultural civilization in the ancient delta of the Ili River of the XIIth - XIIIth centuries.
Near the ancient bed of the Ortasu River, from which the main canal was also drawn, which was formed by two channels: one of which departs from the Ortasu River, and the other from the Akkum River. Karamergen grew in the lower reaches of a fertile alluvial fan irrigated by the waters of the ancient delta of the Ili River - Shet-Bakanas, not far from the southern shore of Lake Balkhash.
Karamergen is much larger than Aktam, it was destroyed during the invasions of Mongoloid nomads in the XIII century. Changes in the course of the river made the restoration of the city impractical. Despite the destruction and erosion, the remains of adobe settlements and a developed irrigation system are still well preserved.
In addition to irrigated agriculture, hunting in the tugai forests, where Turanian tigers lived, as well as fishing in the waters of the Ili River and Lake Balkhash, also played an important role in the life of the townspeople. The UNESCO list includes the northernmost medieval city of Karamergen.
Geographical coordinates of settlement Karamergen: N46°15'17.24" E75°37'33.95"

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