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Petroglyphs Tamdy in Ulytau.

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“Art has no enemies other than ignoramuses”

Petroglyphs of Karaganda region.

Petroglyphs Tamdy located in several places on the rocks of the right and left banks of the Tamdy river north of the Sarytau mountain range, 43 kilometers north-west of the Ulytau village, 22.3 kilometers north of the Sarlyk village, 29.4 kilometers south and slightly west of the village of Korgasyn in the Ulytau district of the Karaganda region.
Single cave paintings and rare multi-figure scenes are painted on red-brown diorite-porphyrite sandstones and dispersed at a distance of about 1 kilometer. Most of the petroglyphs are concentrated in the middle reaches of the river.
Here on the surface of massive rocks and rocky outcrops destroyed by wind erosion, 18 planes with 130 images were found. Among them, the following percentage ratio is observed: horses (24%), camels (13%), mountain goats (4%), bulls (3%), anthropomorphic images (10%).
Single recorded: rider on a horse, predator, snake, dog, bird, as well as vague images (14%).
Geographic coordinates of the Tamdy petroglyphs: N48 ° 57'27.88 "E66 ° 37'05.89"
Geographic coordinates of the Tamdy petroglyphs: N48 ° 57'34.74 "E66 ° 32'06.32"

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Photos by
Alexander Petrov.