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Park Rudaki.

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The city garden «Bogi Rudakhi» (Park Rudakhi) is located in area Ismaila Somoni of city Dushanbe which prospectus of name Rudakhi leaves east party on the main street of city. The area of a garden reaches - 8 hectare.
In connection with the general plan of reconstruction of city reorganization of all former park of a name of Lenin renamed in begins with 2007 «Bogi Rudakhi» (Park Rudakhi). The central green avenue of a city garden adjoins the main facade of the Palace of the nation where composite accent of all park to become the monumental sculptural monument, devoted to 1150 anniversary Rudakhi.
The park has been created in the middle of 1930th years. (architects of M. of Rams and N.Baranov. Hypromountains, Leningrad, 1935 - 1937). In the center of park the copy of a sculpture of Century of I.Lenin (a bronze copy of a monument of Century to I.Lenin at Smolnyi institute in Leningrad, brought in Dushanbe) has been established.
During Soviet time the city garden was called «The Recreation park of a name of V.I.Lenin». Paths departed From the central avenue to various vacation spots, attractions, fountains and an athletic field which changed during Soviet time.
In 1970th years in park have constructed two-storeyed chaikhana «Farogat». However after reconstruction of park in 2007, the former park of a name of V.I.Lenin as a whole loses the purpose as a place of cultural rest of the townspeople.

The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.

Alexander Petrov.