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Opera and ballet theatre in Dushanbe.

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The Tadjik academic opera and ballet theatre it. S.Aini - the leading musical theatre of capital based in Dushanbe in premilitary years in 1940 on the basis of the Tadjik musical theatre. For this time the theatre became the center of a musical life of republic, a treasury of national art, constellation of talents.
Musical art of Tadjiks for short term has made a way from the elementary and two-string tools to a professional symphonic orchestra, from to on polifoniya. The Greater role in becoming musical art Russian composers, figures of musical culture of sister republics have played.
They have arrived to Tajikistan to work, trained and the young staff of musicians, singers, dancers helped to bring up. Already in the first years of becoming of collective composers had been created remarkable products which at once have entered into a treasury of musical culture.
On a stage of theatre ballet "Leili and Medjnun" in which basis the popular legend in the East about fine tragical love has been put, has glorified the Tadjik ballet art. Music to this ballet was written by Sergey Balasanyan.
The Tadjik school of composers was gradually formed, the galaxy of brilliant executors has grown. Young talents have received education in conservatories and the maximum theatrical educational institutions, choreographic schools of Moscow, Leningrad (nowadays St.-Petersburg) and other theatrical centers of the country.
 In 1941 the theatre participated in a seminar of the Tadjik art in Moscow, has shown the first Tadjik operas: "Revolt Восе" S.A.Balasanyan, "Smith Kova" Balasyanyan and Bobokalonova and ballet "Ду a rumble" ("Two roses") A.Lenskiy.
 On February, 17th, 1942 for inhabitants of capital, and also for the evacuated families and wounded men of Red Army men the first representations of masters of the arts took place in a new building of theatre of an opera and ballet by it. S.Aini.
The Ballet troupe of theatre in the end of 50th years has replenished with new structure - youth from various regions of republic. From Leningrad (nowadays St.-Petersburg) per 1958 in capital of Tajikistan have arrived still young, ended the glorified choreographic school of a name of A.Vaganovoi, Sharafbon Turdyev, Stalina Azamatova, Susanna Uzakova, Bozgl Isaeva, Bokhodur Djurabaev, Tagira Djavad-zade, Musaffar Umarov. They have opened a new life in the Tadjik ballet.
 In 1948 to theatre the rank academic, and in 1954 - a name of great Tadjik writer S.Aini has been appropriated. The Soviet era saw the introduction of opera and ballet to Tajikistan, as well as the organization of Tajik-style song and dance troupes.
Dushanbe opera and Ballet Theater was the first large public building in the city; its construction began in 1939. Dushanbe also has theaters devoted to Tajik and Russian drama, as well as a drama school.
There are theaters for music, musical comedy, and drama in several other Tajik cities as well.

Opera and ballet theatre in Dushanbe. Opera and ballet theatre in Dushanbe. Opera and ballet theatre in Dushanbe. Opera and ballet theatre in Dushanbe.


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