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Nurzhol Boulevard in Astana.

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Nurzhol Boulevard is located at an altitude of 346 meters above sea level (Khan Shatyr), the middle part of the boulevard is located at an altitude of 348 meters above sea level 1500 meters from the Khan Shatyr shopping and entertainment center to the residential complex “On the Water-Green Boulevard”, the vicinity of the residence of the President of the Republic Kazakhstan Ak Orda 355 meters above sea level, located in the central part of the city between D. Kunaev and Dostyk streets in Astana. 
The length of the boulevard is 3.1 kilometers, this is the distance from the Khan Shatyr building to the residence of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ak Orda. The former name of Water-Green Boulevard is located in the very heart of Astana.
This is the most educational and interesting walk you will ever take in the cities of Kazakhstan. If you pay your attention to architectural sights even for half of what you see, such a walk will take 2.5 hours. The boulevard starts from the shopping and entertainment complex “Khan Shatyr” and ends with the residence of the president “Ak Orda”.
So behind us we have the Khan-Shatyr complex, designed by the English architect Norman Foster. Nur Zhol Boulevard (pedestrian esplanade) unites three squares together. The pedestrian esplanade stretches from east to west for a length of 2.5 km, its width reaches 100 meters and covers an area of 15 hectares.
The boulevard, like the master plan of the new part of the city, was designed by the architect Kisho Kurokawa. A significant part of the boulevard is a three-level structure. On the lower level there is a parking lot for 400 cars.
On the middle second level there are shops, service and catering outlets, exhibition halls, offices and other public institutions. At the upper level there is a pedestrian zone with alleys, flower beds, lawns, trees, benches, fountains, and small architectural forms. In six places (the “green house” zones), the conical atriums of the upper level form light “wells” of natural lighting, around which inter-level staircases and winter gardens are arranged.
In a number of places, from the second level, covered galleries and passages lead to the surrounding buildings. Along the boulevard there are a number of beautiful architectural objects built according to the designs of famous domestic and foreign architects, including the symbol of the city - Baiterek.
The height of “Astana-Baiterek” is 105 meters, the diameter of the ball is 22 meters. Inside the ball there is a bar and a panoramic room. From “Baiterek” you can walk further along Nurzhol Boulevard. A beautiful boulevard leads to Round Square with a huge light and music fountain. It is located at the intersection of a city-wide regulated traffic highway - Kabanbay-Batyr Street and the latitudinal axis - a covered pedestrian esplanade.
Guests and residents of the capital can safely enjoy the festivities on the lower terrace-like tier of Round Square, away from car traffic. On the upper tiers of the terrace along the perimeter there are service facilities, the lower terraces are well landscaped and watered with fountains and cascades descending to the lower level.
On the western side of Round Square, 7- and 20-story buildings of the KazTransOil, KazMunayGas, and Eurasian Bank companies were built. Two 20-storey terraced buildings are connected by a transition gallery, floating at a height of 10 - 13 floors.
The building of the Ministry of Transport and Communications was built on the north-eastern side of the square. The 34-story building, which has a plastic shape, is decorated with golden glass and is clearly visible from all over the city. The total height of the structure reaches 155 meters.
Along the boulevard there are buildings of government bodies, including: the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Mazhilis of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the House of Ministries, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, the State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan , as well as residential complexes, office buildings, and the Keruen shopping center. 
Geographic coordinates of Nurzhol Boulevard: N51°07'48 E71°25'21


Photos by:
Alexander Petrov.