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Museum in Ghissar.

 Excursion in a museum of reserve Ghissar.

Museum Ghissar of historical and cultural reserve is opened as an architecturally-museum complex in 1982. The museum is located in 30 kilometers from city Dushanbe and 5 kilometers from the center of settlement Ghissar.
The expositions developed in a building in 1982, settle down in small premises, as defines allocation in them of thematic sections:
Department of archeology.
 The Department of architecture.
 The Department of an ethnographic museum.
 The Department of excursion service.
 The Department of restoration.
The collection of a museum totals about 19 000 units of storage. Their significant part is made with archeological finds from territory Ghissar. It about 14 000 units of storage representing cultural development of region since an epoch of a neolith and before the late Middle Ages.
The part of finds has acted in a museum from field materials of archeologic expeditions of the Academy of sciences of Tajikistan and the Tadjik state university of Dushanbe worked in area Ghissar in second half XX in, and also as casual finds of local residents.
The ethnographic section of a collection makes about three thousand units of storage representing traditional crafts and economic employment, traditional clothes, a household way of life and ceremonies of population Ghissar of a valley in XX century In assembly there are also unique manuscripts and a valuable numismatical collection. In a museum the collection of documents and photos on history Ghissar in XIX - XX centuries is collected.
Exposition halls of a museum were placed in madrasah Kuhna XVI - XVII c.c. On the area about 360 square meters. The building madrasah has the form to a penalty with open a court yard in which center there is an ancient well.
Above the central input the smart portal with the figured bricklaying towers, two towers-minarets are located on corners of a face-to-face part of a building. Visitors enter into a museum through the wooden gate decorated by a graceful groove.
Ghissar a fortress - history and architecture of a monument; ancient histories and archeology Ghissar of a valley; traditional economic employment of Tadjiks (agriculture and cattle breeding); traditional crafts and products of handicraftsmen (woodcarving, Foundry and Forging and processing of metal, weaving and an embroidery), traditional dwelling of Tadjiks of area Ghissar and its conditions, traditional wedding of Tadjiks.
In a museum the exhibition, devoted to participation of inhabitants of area Ghissar in Great Domestic war, and also the new exposition, devoted histories and to development of independent Tajikistan is opened.
Museum label in the Tadjik and English languages. The reserve is included into number of the most visited museums and monuments of Tajikistan. Here fact-finding excursions for tourists, students and schoolboys are spent.
A museum often include in the program of visiting of the experts who are taking part various actions and meetings, passing in Dushanbe, including in the program of the humanitarian scientific conferences which are passing in the Academy of sciences of Tajikistan.
Excursions are developed for schoolboys in a museum and the thematic employment coordinated with curriculums on history of Tajikistan are spent. In a museum exhibitions of amateur artists and masters of area are spent, the gift shop works.
The museum is opened daily from 9.00 till, without days off. An input paid.

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