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Mount Otpan on Mangyshlak.

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Mount Otpan with a height of 532.7 meters above sea level is located in the eastern part of the West Karatau ridge (Kazakh Black Karatau, Batys Karatau), 8.2 kilometers southeast of the village of Shayir, 22.1 kilometers northwest of Shetpe village in the Mangystau region of the same name region.
The Western Karatau Range belongs to the Karatau mountain system on the Mangyshlak Peninsula in the Mangystau Region in western Kazakhstan, located in the central part of the Mangyshlak Peninsula. The length of the Western Karatau ridge from northwest to southeast is 44 kilometers, the width, from north to south, in the vicinity of Mount Otpan, is 11 kilometers.
The highest point of the ridge - Mount Otpan, is located between the Besbulak tract in the south and the Karasai tract in the north. The surroundings of Mount Otpan are picturesque; they keep the historical and natural sights of the Mangystau mountains.
On the top of Mount Otpan, two structures are installed - a 37-meter monument to Aday and two steles-minarets, towering to the right and left of the monument to Aday ata. They symbolize the two wings of the father - the sons of Kudayke and Kelimberda.
The complex includes Aksaray - a 2-storey building resembling a large yurt and a batyr helmet. The memorial complex contains: a museum, a library, a room for rituals, a hall for the Council of Elders. There is also a hiking trail consisting of 360 steps that lead to the top of Mount Otpan, where there is a monument to the founder of the Kazakh tribe - Aday.
Adai-Ata lived around the 15th century. In memory of his sons Kelimberdy and Kudayka, small towers with domes were erected on each side of the main memorial. Near the place of the symbolic fire is the square of the President and Tutobe.
In the immediate vicinity of the memorial there is a figure of a wolf, which reflects the symbol of the strength and freedom of the spirit. A little further there is a sculpture of a leopard. Further, below, at a distance of approximately 455 meters, a round Aksaray building was erected, which can accommodate up to 1000 people.
An eight-sided two-story building (the number 8 is sacred for the Turkic-speaking peoples and symbolizes the infinity of the universe). In 2007, the historical and cultural complex "Otpan Tau" was solemnly opened. Translated from Kazakh, "Otpan" means fire.
Geographic coordinates of Mount Otpan: N44°11'15.55" E51°53'21.71"

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