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Mosque Zhakud Ishan.

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The Zhakud Ishan Mosque is located 90 meters from the right (eastern) bank of the Terisbutak River, 4 kilometers to the southeast of Mount Akzhal, 367 meters above sea level, 15.2 kilometers to the east and slightly south of the village of Korgasyn, 16 kilometers to the south of a small village in the Kostanay region - Mayatas, in the Ulytau district in the west of the Ulytau region.
This mosque, which, among other things, housed a madrasah, was built in the second half of the XIXth century by a man named Zhakud. It should be noted that the title of Ishan has always been used to call the leaders of the Sufi brotherhoods, but sometimes, in particular, in Central Asia, simply representatives of the clan descending from the Prophet Muhammad could be called so.
The walls of the mosque, as well as the minaret (which you can climb), have survived to this day, the roof is missing. The building has been restored several times. Mosque-madrasahs of a similar design can be found in other parts of Ulytau (another good example is the already mentioned Dulygaly mosque, also built by "Ishan"), as well as to the west, that is, in other words, on both sides of the Torgai trough.
Geographic coordinates of mosque Zhakud Ishan: N49 ° 12'44.32 "E66 ° 26'58.80"

Authority and photos:
Vitaly Shuptar.
Alexander Petrov.