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Memorial complex to Battle of Bulanty.

Historical events of Kazakhstan.

"When the time comes, whether we want it or not, the soul, full of sins, will go its own way"

Maarri al-Maarri.

History monuments of Ulytau.

Bulanty Battle Memorial Complex is located at an altitude of 356 meters above sea level, located in southern part of ancient Uytas cemetery, 876 meters from right (western) bank of Baikonir River, 16.5 kilometers southwest of village of Baikonir, 62.3 kilometers to west and slightly south of village of Karsakpai in Ulytau district of region of same name. 
The monument to the Battle of Bulanty was erected in honor of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate. The complex is surrounded by a metal fence, and a massive metal gate was built at the entrance. The monuments are located on a hill and are approached by concrete steps, surrounded by four plastic steles, which are located two on the right and left sides.
At the top of the memorial complex there is the main structure symbolizing the inviolability of the khan’s power in the form of a 7-meter metal shaft with a spear on top made of brass and gray marble. In the lower part there are round shields built on four sides.
Around the memorial stele there are 65 marble obelisks, on which the names of the participants in the battle are carved. The author of the monument is sculptor Shakhibaben Seitkenov from the city of Zhezkazgan. The construction of the monument was financed by the Kazakhmys corporation; the cost of the monument with its installation was 7,000,000,000 tenge.
It is generally accepted that the place indicated on the maps as the Uytas cemetery is the place where a monument to the soldiers of the Bulanty battle was erected back in the XVIIIth century. In the northern part of the Bulanty Battle memorial complex in the central part of the cemetery there is a well-preserved Uytas melon.
Geographic coordinates of monument to Battle of Bulantin: N47 ° 42'22 "E65 ° 55'04

Authority and photos:
Alexander Petrov.