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Monument of Tulebaev in Almaty.

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“Music is an acoustic composition that causes us an appetite for life, as well-known pharmacy compounds cause an appetite for food”

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The monument to the composer and teacher, public figure, People's Artist of the USSR, USSR State Prize laureate Mukan Tulebaev (1913 - 1960) is located in the city of Almaty in the square on Tulebaev Street, the corner of Abay Avenue.
The monument was erected on January 29, 2002. Authors - Almaty sculptor E. Rakhmadiev and architect K. Zharylgapov. The cost of work amounted to 17,000,000 tenge, which were allocated by the city akimat.
The sculpture was cast in bronze at the Piston factory. 
Tulebaev Mukan - Kazakh Soviet composer, public figure.
Tulebaev studied at the Almaty Pedagogical College (1933), at the Kazakh Opera Studio at the Moscow Conservatory (1938-1941), in 1941-1946. took composition lessons from E.G. Brusilovsky, in 1951 he graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in composition class with V.G. Fere (previously studied with N.Ya. Myaskovsky).
At the beginning of World War II, Tulebaev was in the ranks of the people's militia in Moscow. In the fall of 1941, for health reasons, he returned to Almaty. In 1942-1944 Tulebaev was the conductor of the Orchestra of Kazakh folk instruments. Since 1953, he taught at the Almaty Conservatory.
In 1953 - 1955 and 1959 - 1960. Tulebaev was the ch
airman of the Union of Composers of Kazakhstan. Tulebaev is the author of the opera Amangeldy (1945), music of the State Anthem of the Kazakh SSR (jointly with EG Brusilovsky and L.A. Khamidi, 1945). A valuable contribution to Kazakh opera music was his opera Birzhan and Sarah (1946, 2nd edition - 1957).
Tulebaev also created orchestral and chamber works, over 50 songs and romances, processing folk songs, music for performances of the Kazakh Drama Theater, for the films Golden Horn (1946), Dzhambul (1952, together with N.N. Kryukov) and other
M. Tulebaev - People's Artist of the USSR (1959; since 1945 - Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR), was a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR of the 4th and 5th convocations, laureate of the USSR State Prize (1949). He was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd degree and medals.
A street was named in honor of M. Tulebaev in Almaty; a memorial plaque was installed on the house where he lived.

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Alexander Petrov.