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Monument-bust of Panfilov.

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Dante Alighieri, "The Divine Comedy."

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The Panfilov Monument (1893 - 1941) was erected in 1968 in honor of the hero of the Soviet Union, the general, commander of the Panfilov division formed in Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War. The commander of the 316th (8th Guards) Rifle Division formed in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, which took part in the Moscow battle of 1941 - 1942.
A rectangular pedestal made of gray granite, according to the model of the sculptor B. A. Tulekov, is installed on a 2-meter pedestal (architect TK Basenov). On the front of the pedestal there is an inscription: “Council of Odagyny Batyr Panfilov Ivan Vasilievich. Hero of the Soviet Union Panfilov Ivan Vasilievich".
The height of the monument is 3.65 meters. The monument-bust to I. Panfilov is cast in bronze, located on Kazybek bi street, the corner of Dostyk street, on the south side of the park there are 28 Panfilov guards, a monument of art Initially erected and installed at the intersection of Panfilov and Vinogradov Streets (1968), then moved to the memorial park (1989).
General Panfilov died on November 18, 1941 in a battle near the village of Gusenevo, Moscow Region. In the vicinity of Dubosekovo junction of Volokolamsk station, the villages of Nelidovo and Petelino, soldiers of the 1075th regiment of the division stopped the advance of fascist tanks.
Legends and songs are composed about the event: "A platoon dies near the village of Kryukovo.... The ashes of soldiers were transferred to the grave of the Unknown Soldier at the Eternal Flame in Moscow. General Panfilov and his 28 Panfilov guards were awarded the title Heroes of the Soviet Union.
The memorial park has 28 cenotaph monuments along the main alley, between the busts of Panfilov and Momysh-ula. However, the list of heroes requires correctness, balance, fairness. Among the 28 there are no two, tank destroyers Ivan Dobrobabin and Daniil Kozhubergenov.
Among the reconstruction of Big Almaty, the demolition of ancient buildings and renaming of streets (Dubosekovskaya St., 8th Guards Division, Krasnoarmeyskaya, Maksimova), memorial plaques and signs disappeared from the places of the Panfilov division formation (Vernenskaya fortress, monuments along the Almaty-Talgar road, the location of the division headquarters in the technical school of communication and school number 19).
Also, memorial plaques in residential and demolished houses where the Panfilov heroes lived and were called upon; the city of Panfilov (in 1942 - 1992) was renamed in the Almaty region (now Zharkent). In the difficult years of World War II, a ship of a series of Liberty-type vessels was launched from the stocks of an American shipyard in Baltimore.
When transferring it under Lend-Lease under the Soviet flag, the ship was named after the hero of the war, "General Panfilov." In the 70s, with the development of universal dry cargo ships, motor ships of the "Heroes of Panfilov" type with a deadweight of 13.5 thousand tons and a speed of 18 knots appeared.
I am Ivan Shepetkov, I am Nikolay Ananiev, I am Peter Yemtsov ... It seemed that the callsigns would always sound in a whirlwind of sea life and holidays, the names of Heroes of the Soviet Union. Not finding museum protection, the "war heroes" were put into scrap metal.
Unfortunately, the glorified names of the Panfilov’s were not transferred to other ships or ships.

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Vladimir Proskurin (Berlin.)

Alexander Petrov.