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Memorial of Mukhammed Khaidar Dulaty.

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“A man is a creator of history, a creature that can neither repeat his past nor get rid of it”

Wisten Hugh Oden.

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A monument to the great ruler, military commander and historian Mirza Mukhammed Khaidar Dulaty was established in the city Taraz, Suleimenov street, in the square in front of Taraz State University in 1998.The monument was erected in honor of the 500th anniversary of this famous scientist and statesman of the Middle Ages. 
The place for the monument had not been chosen by chance because Taraz State University is named after M.Kh.Dulaty. Mukhammed Khaidar Dulati came from the tribe duglat and noble Mogul clan. His family enjoyedhereditary privileges received from Chagatays, the head of the family was the hereditary emir of the state-tribal formation Manglai-Sube from the time of Kashgar’s inclusion in the ulus of Chagatai. 
Mukhammed Khaidar was born in exile in Tashkent (1500), where his family had lived for several years managing thearea of Ura-Tube. During the conspiracy against the Sheibans M.Kh.Dulaty’s father fails and the whole family is forced to flee to Fergana. 
However, his father was killed there on the orders of Sheibani Khan. To save his life and relying upon help of his faithful people, M.Kh.Dulati runs through Bukhara and Badakhshan in Kabul to his cousin - Babur, who warmly welcomes him.
In 1512, Mukhammed Khaidar goes to Andizhan to his other cousin Sultan Said Khan. In 1514, with establishment of the power of Sultan Said Khan in Kashghar and formation of the new state - "Mamlakatva Moguliye", Mukhammed Khaidar engages in the affairs of the army and the state, and raises the son of Sultan Said Khan - Abdurashit Khan.
Mukhammed Khaidar Dulaty led a series of military campaigns in the states of Badakhshan, Kafiristan,Ladakh, Tibet. After the death of Said Khan, his son Abdurashit Khan organized the murder of a number ofinfluential members of the tribe duglat, including his uncle Mukhammed Khaidar. After that, MukhammedKhaidar was forced to leave the land of their ancestors. 
He went to India to Baburs (Lahor), where he wonKashmir and ruled it on behalf of Baburs until his death. He was killed accidentally by an arrow of hissoldier during clashes against the hill tribes of Kashmir in 1551.
Mukhammed Khaidar Dulaty received fancy education for his time, along with native Chagatai, he also knew the Persian language. Two of his works have survived, they are the history of the moguls and khansof Chagatay in Kashgar and Moghulistan - Tarihi Rashidi, in Central Asian Persian, and the poem in Chagatai language – Zhahan-nama.
The main work of M.Kh.Dulaty "Tarikhi Rashidi" is inestimable for the history of the peoples of CentralAsia. "Tarikhi Rashidi" describes the evolution of statehood after the collapse of the Golden Orda and the establishment of the Kazakh state. 
"Tarikhi Rashidi" left descendants a testimony of how the Kazakh Khanate had become a centralized state. Mukhammed Khaidar Dulaty is the great hero of his time,memoirist, seer. All these factors, taken together, suggest that we are dealing with an outstanding monument of medieval literature, one of the major primary sources of Central Asian history and Kazakh people in particular.
The authors of the monument of M.Kh Dulaty in Taraz are the famous Kazakhstani architect O.Auezov and sculptors - D.Zh.Aldekov, N.A.Rustemov. The monument represents a figure of M.Kh.Dulaty in full length, the great historian and publicist seems to be stepping off the pedestal with his hands behind his back, hislook directed into the distance and as if penetrating through time, he looks at us – at his descendants.
The total height of the monument is 3 meters. The sculpture is made of copper, the pedestal is made ofpolished red granite with the size of 160 x 160 x 300. The monument of Mukhammed Khaidar Dulaty successfully matches the appearance of the city Taraz andhas already become one of the main attractions of the modern city.