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Memorial complex Baluan Sholaku.

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“Your being is a moment of a higher, different life,
Thy intoxication - from an unearthly vine,
Immerse yourself in the collar of thought!
Your hand is a continuation of another hand”

Omar Khayyam.

Rest in rest houses of Akmola region.

The Baluan Sholak Memorial Complex is located in the village of Voznesenka, Bulandinsky District, Akmola Region. Nurmaganbet Baimyrzauly, Baluan Sholak (1864 - 1919) - Kazakh folk composer, singer, riding master, illustrious fighter, invincible strongman.
The real name of Baluan Sholak is Nurmaganbet, at a young age he was nicknamed Baluan Sholak - a fathomless fighter, since he did not have the fingers of his right hand. He came from the Sambet clan and the Dulat tribe of the Elder Zhuz, but his ancestors moved to the Saryarka steppes in ancient times, so his whole life passed on Kokshetau land, among the Atigay and Karauyl clans.
From the age of 14 he began to engage in wrestling, he was also very strong in horseback riding. At the spectacles held in Kokshetau, he hit everyone, lifting weights at 51 pounds (830 kg). In 1899, at the age of 35, Baluan Sholak accepted the challenge of the famous wrestler Ivan Korenya, defeated him, breaking his rib during the fight.
Since childhood, Baluan Sholak joined the art, sang, played the dombra. After the death of his parents, he married a girl named Ganikey, traveled around villages, gathered around him capable, talented youth, and formed a group that arranged amusements according to the traditions of sere, demonstrating their art to the people.
The creation of troupes and ensembles has become a tradition of Baluan Sholak. Baluan Sholak was an excellent performer and propagandist of the songs of Birzhan Kozhagulov, Akan sere, whom he considered his mentors, continuing their song traditions, also composed songs himself.
Baluan Sholak as a composer contributed to the art of Kazakh song. People’s favorite traveled to Kokshetau, Karaotkel, Bayan-Aul, Irtysh, showing the best musical works of Saryarka in Semirechye, introduced listeners to their songs. It was on these trips that Kenen Azerbaev, having become acquainted with the work of Baluan Sholak, began to distribute his songs.
His famous songs are Aschyly-Ayryk, Baluan Sholak, Dikildek, Kokshetau, Mowing, Kos Drum, Zheldirma, Ulan Kіsіnes, Taldy-Kul, Kos Pern ”,“ Kenzhe Konyr ”, several variants of“ Saryn ”. The song “Galia”, singing bright feelings, “September”, a heroic song with a characteristic melody, was especially popular among the people.
Famous master-performers of Baluan Sholak’s songs Zh. Yelebekov, M. Koshkimbaev, M. Tyrbaev, Zh. Karmenov, K. Baybosynov and others. The well-known researcher of Kazakh folk music A.V. Zataevich recorded several songs by Baluan Sholak performed by folk singers and included them in the collections of “1000 songs of the Kazakh people” and “500 Kazakh songs and cues”.
Multifaceted talent made him a favorite of the people, a famous wrestler, singer and composer Saryarka Baluan Sholak Baimyrzauly a monument was erected.

Local historian Karataev Ermek Baltashuly.