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Mausoleum of Zhusip-Ata in Ikan.

Trip from Turkestan to Ikan village.

 “the Khorasan righteous Baba Mashyn in the legend of Ahmed Yasavi tells that Myrza Zhusip was a disciple of Khazret, and that the Khorasan scholar recognized the holiness of Hazret Sultan”

Sadyk Sapabekuly.

Excursion to Ikan.

The Zhusip-Ata mausoleum is located in an old cemetery, on the outskirts, in the southwestern part of the village of Staroikan (Kaz. Eskiygan), which is subordinate to the city administration of the tiwn of Turkestan, 24.4 kilometers southeast of the regional center in the Turkestan region.
The mausoleum is built of square bricks measuring 25 x 25 x 5 centimeters in clay mortar, in masonry. The portal and the dome of the ziarat-khana were destroyed. The mausoleum has two domes, the portal type of the structure is longitudinal and axial composition.
The prismatic building of the structure comprises the ziarat-khana and the tomb. In one of the portal pylons there is a stepped hill on the roof. In the interior of the tomb, square in plan, arched niches along the axes. The transition to the dome is made through eight faces of wall arches.
A similar scheme of the plan of Ziarat-khana implies the same dome construction as in the tomb. In the pedigree of Nasabnam, among others, the name of the student of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi is mentioned – Zhusip-Ata. The mausoleum of Zhusip-Ata is located twenty kilometers from Turkestan, in the village of Ikan [5, p. 84 b].
The mausoleum is located in the area of ​​the old settlement of the XIV century. The main entrance is oriented to the northwest, towards the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. Currently, fragments of the marble column of the Zhusip-Ata mausoleum in the village of Ikan near the city of Turkestan are stored in the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve “Azret Sultan”.
All of these columns, that is, fragments, are three pieces. The length of the first column is 2.41 cm, the width is 31 cm, the length of the second is 1.31 cm, the width is 31 cm, the length of the third is 66 cm, the width is 27 cm. All three columns are made of brown stone. T
he support column has eight faces, the upper part is larger (241 × 31 cm) and tapers towards the base. On the upper part of the stone a pattern in the form of a plant is captured, in the lower part inscriptions are written in Arabic letters.
In the manufacture of the columns of the mausoleum of Zhusip-Ata in the XII century, two types of stone were used. We can say that they are material evidence left from the destroyed monument of Zhusip-Ata. The stone portal of the entrance to the mausoleum of the son-in-law of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Kozha Ata is oriented in the same direction.
According to the conclusion of the architects, the monument is a building of the XV - XVI centuries, consisting of a multi-chamber portal, a dome, an entrance hall, ziarat-khana, Gurkhan, a living room [3, p. 118]. About Zhusip-Ata is told in the information of Sadyk Sapabekuly, who visited the mausoleum of Azret Sultan at the beginning of the XXth century.
Here “the Khorasan righteous Baba Mashyn in the legend of Ahmed Yasavi tells that Myrza Zhusip was a disciple of Khazret, and that the Khorasan scholar recognized the holiness of Hazret Sultan” [9, p. 129]. According to one legend, when the sons of the teacher Hazret Yusuf Hamadani arrived, they were met by Myrza Zhusip.
Studies say that Zhusip-Ata was a disciple of Ahmed Yasawi who achieved spiritual enlightenment. In legends it is referred to as “Myrza Zhusip” - “The lover of Zhusup Baidawi” [1, p. 96]. Zhsip-Ata lived in the XIIth century. In the narratives of S. Sapabekuly, information is given about Myrza Zhusip, in which he is referred to as “Samal ata” [9, p. 130].
According to information about Zhusip-Ata, his mentor Khoja Ahmet Yasavi sent him to Ikan. At that time, viticulture was well developed in Ikan. At that time, twelve grape varieties were grown here; when Zhusip-Ata arrived in Ikan, he was presented with sprouts of twelve grape varieties [13, p. 143]. The graves of Zhusip-Ata, Baba Mashin, Kusshy-Ata, Imam Marguzi are located in the vicinity of Turkestan.
Twenty kilometers south of the town of Turkestan is the grave of Zhusip-Ata, a kilometer from the mausoleum of Azret Sultan is the tomb of Baba Mashin, ten kilometers from Turkestan in the village of Shobanak, Imam Marguzi is buried.
Geographic coordinates of the Zhusip-Ata mausoleum: N43 ° 10'40.50 "E68 ° 32'05.42"

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