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Mausoleum Kosagaly Tolekuly.

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Mausoleum Kosagaly Tolekuly location: at Mountain Azat, Zerenda district, Akmola region. Brief information: Kosagaly batyr Tolekuly (1740 - 1813) - a native of the Kokshetau region. He lived in the days of the Khan of the Middle Horde Ouali.
The famous composer Dauletkerei dedicated his instrumental work to the legendary batyr - kuy “Kosaғaly”, and in the Akmola-Kokshetau zone there are still toponyms and hydronyms with the name “ Қосағалы”. To the place of burial Batyr come from different places.
Kosagaly batyr erected mazar, which became the center of pilgrimage. The batyr possessed an incredibly huge physique, inheriting from his ancestors his height - 276 cm. His burial is 4 meters in length. The inscription on the tombstone is made in Arabic, and the tombstone is in two languages: Kazakh Arabic and Cyrillic in Russian: “ Руы Жақсылық Қарауыл”, “Bogatyr Қосағалы Tolekov”.
Kosagaly batyr lived along the lake Shagalaly in the villages “Жалғыз қарағай”, “Қырдағы ауыл”, “Былқылдақ”, “Талдағы ауыл”, “Өзен қарағай”, which spread from the village “Sai” of the Zhaksylyk Karauyla family.
Batyr's father Tolek was a very rich man, he had nine thousand horses. In the years 1723 - 1730, during the “Ақтабан шұбырынды”, he helped his poor compatriots, giving land and cattle, for this act the countrymen called him Bayanuly by Tolek.
Kosagaly was respected among the Tatar rich and Omsk officials, they were considered and asked for advice. As a token of high appreciation, the Omsk governor presented him with a “golden coat” of sable, which is still kept by his descendant Daken Bukanov in a place of honor.

Authority and photos:
Local ethnographer Daken Bukanov.