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Luchob park in Dushanbe.

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Luchob Park is located north of Karamov Street near a high hill of the same name, which rises at the bend of the Luchob and Varzob rivers in the northwestern part of Dushanbe. In the northern part of the park there is the village of Luchob and the complex of buildings of the Institute of Physical Culture.
In the southern part of the park there are memorial sites where famous figures of culture and science of Tajikistan are buried. Further to the west, at the bend of the rivers, there is a complex of buildings of the Tajik National University.
The territory of the park is landscaped, equipped with paths, drinking fountains. An asphalt road and parking areas lead here in a serpentine along the hillside. The total area of ​​Luchobsky Park is 10 hectares. Luchobsky Park began to be created in the postwar years.
In 1980, in the southern part of the park (on Luchobsky hill), the tomb mausoleum of Mirzo Tursunzade, the people's poet of Tajikistan, was built. The author of the mausoleum is the architect B. Zukhurdinov and the sculptor D. Ryabichev with a cascade of stairs and observation platforms.
On the western side of the mausoleum of Mirzo Tursunzade, a little lower on a green area, a memorial square is arranged, which is surrounded by tombstones and memorial plates to famous figures of culture and science of Tajikistan - writers, Loik Sherali, Jalol Ikromi, Fazliddin Muhammadiev, artists, Malika Sobirova, Tufa Fozylova and others.
The monuments are built in the form of busts or commemorative steles of marble, granite, concrete and metal. Malika Abdurahimovna Sabirova (May 22, 1942, Stalinabad, Tajik SSR, USSR - February 27, 1982, ibid) - Soviet Tajik ballerina, prima ballerina of the Tajik State Opera and Ballet Theater named after S. Aini.
People's Artist of the USSR. A tombstone was erected on the grave of Malika Sabirova at the memorial cemetery in the park of the village of Luchob. Architect R. Karimov, sculptor K Zhumagazin.
Geographical coordinates of Luchob park in Dushanbe: N38°36'03.18" E68°46'04.16"


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.